Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January, 2024


This Privacy Policy explains how Search Fixer for YouTube™ (web extension), collects, uses, and discloses information related to your use of the Extension.

We don't collect or share any user data. This means we don't track your browsing activity, record any information about you or your device, and we don't send any data to third parties, including ourselves.

Transparency and Open Source

The Extension is completely open source, meaning the code is readily available for anyone to inspect and verify our claims. You can find the source code here: Gitlab.

What information does the Extension use?

The Extension employs a lightweight counter stored solely within your browser's secure API. This counter only tracks the local execution frequency of a specific Extension task and is entirely accessible and controllable by you. No data is ever transmitted outside your browser environment, guaranteeing that neither we nor any third party can access the counter or any other information related to your Extension usage.

Sharing and Disclosure of Information

As we don't collect any user data, we cannot share it with anyone, including ourselves or third parties. The information stored in the local counter is entirely private and only accessible to you. You have complete control over the information stored in the local counter. Additionally, you can choose to share screenshots of the counter if you prefer.

Data Security

The Extension prioritizes data security by never collecting or storing any user data.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on our website. You are advised to review this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the gitlab page.