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YouTube Search Fixer

Free and Open Source addon that removes all distracting search results.

Redirect shorts back to legacy page and apply visual changes suited for low resolution screens.

Filter Search Results

Get rid of suggestions like
For you, People also search for, Searches related to, Learn while you're at home and much more from your feed!

Turn off playlists from appearing in search results.

Hide YouTube mixes and reels suggestions.

Filter out channel listings from results.

Visual Changes

No profile pictures of commenters.

Unified font face across the website.

Bigger centered video title.

Spaced out collapsed-sidebar with accent color to signify active tab.

An options page to turn off visual changes.

Redirect Shorts

Redirect YouTube Shorts back to legacy pages.

Privacy Respecting

No trackers or telemetry scripts working in the background. No data is sent or shared with any third party or the developer.

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What this extension does NOT do.

To set the record straight

Currently the YouTube Data API provided by Google is fairly restrictive in its scope and as such, no part of it has been used here.

Since the extension works entirely on your local machine, it can't modify search results served from YouTube's backend. In simple words, the results "personalized" by the algorithm for you are still served in the search page and recommended sections.

So where does this extension come in the picture?

There are a lot of engagement sections integrated within the search results to get you to engage more with the platform. This is a business decision and sometimes it works great! When it does, it serves you new and interesting videos to explore. However, when it doesn't, these recommendation-blocks act as a barrier between your search query and the actual results you set out to find.

This addon gives you additional flexibility to automatically prune THESE extra suggestions.