YouTube Search Fixer

open_in_new Download the addon here
The firefox addon that fixes your search.
With and Without Addon

De-clutter your home page and fine tune the interface to make it less distracting


Removes suggestions like "For you", "People also search for", "Searches related to" and "Related to your search" from your feed!

Visual Styles Changes format_shapes

Bigger centered video title.

person_pinRemoves profile pics from comments

Unified Font Face across the website.

sortRemoves the 'tags' bar on Home Page

More spaced out collapsed sidebar on homepage with accent color to signify active tab.

vpn_key Is it safe?

Absolutely. This is basically just some bare-bones JavaScript to detect elements and some CSS to apply visual changes.
There are no trackers or telemetry scripts working in the background. Not to mention no data is being sent or shared with any third party or the developer

Feel free to go through the code, we're open source.